Adopting a pet from the Adoption centerEdit

There are adoption centers in each of the Power Pets cities, where pets can be adopted, and a shelter in Kimberroo, where pets that have been abandoned can find new owners. Each city offers different pets, so be sure to visit them all before making your final decision. Choose wisely when naming your pet, because the name cannot be changed without paying a $50,000 PB fee. The pet name character limit is 15 when adopting that pet from the pound, but 20 if you choose to pay the $50,000 PB re-naming fee on a pet you already have.

Pets can also be purchased in the Tanos Breeders building, but be prepared to spend a large chunk of Powerbucks.

When you first arrive on Power Pets, you can adopt one pet. Once you have played for a month, you can adopt a second pet. After two months, you may add a third, and after three months, a fourth pet. Four pets is the maximum you can have without a special booster permit. These booster permits can be obtained from the Power Temple in Xiang Chung-Shi, but only those who have reached Elite Status can get them. The most pets that you can have even with permits is eight. You can also adopt pets at the Shelter. There is no time limit as to when you can do this.

Remember, more pets mean a lot more responsibility. Each pet needs food, toys, and armor. They may get sick, sometimes all at the same time. All of that has to come out of your PowerBucks, which means more time and effort on your part, and once you've adopted a pet, you can't change your mind and give it back. The shelter in Kimberroo will take pets that are unwanted, but the pet must have a strength of 50 and there is also a fee of 5,000 PowerBucks for abandoning a pet there.

Also, when you are not online the status of you're pet does not change. So when you return the won't have gone hungry or become unhappy, unless thats the way you have left them.