Akina, as from the Quests Page

Akina is a Geisha who lives in Xiang Chung-Shi. Her name means Spring Flower. She moved to Elephant City not long after the Power Temple opened and started holding special Tea Ceremonies in September 2003. She also gives out the Brown Bag Dispenser Coins that can be used at the Vending Machine in Xiang Chung-Shi.

Tea Ceremony QuestEdit

If you have a Tea Ceremony Invitation, you can do her Tea Ceremony Quest once every 90 minutes. During the quest, you have to give her some items as well as answer her question. The answers to the question can be found in a random Petpedia or Healthpedia. If you succeed in completing her quest, she will reward you with a Brown Bag Dispenser Coin that you can use at the Vending Machine. She will also award you with 12 Purchase Credits to restock and buy items at the factory outlets.

In addition, if you complete her quest 20 times, you will fulfill the requirement for the conquest "Have some tea". If you complete her quest a total of 50 times, you will fulfill the requirement for the conquest of "Have more tea".



Akina before the Butterfly Project.

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