Bidding Barn

The Bidding Barn is where players can earn Powerbucks by auctioning off items or they are items you can bid on. Usually, the items sold here are a good bargain as the bidding price can be lower than the average prices sold in the Player Shops. In addition, some of the items may be unbuyable.

When players enter the Bidding Barn, they can have several options. They can first create their own auction with "Auction Item", or select "My Auctions" to access their current auctions to see what their item is selling for, or to see what past items that have been put up for auction. However, once the item is put up to bid, it cannot be removed until the auction is over and there is no successful bid. Once the auction runs out the person who bought the item has two days to pick the item up, and players receive the money upon item collection.

Players can also look at the active auctions, which show the auctions that will expire the earliest, as well as check "Expired auctions" to see whose bid was the highest on a certain item.

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