Pegg Hunter

Pegg Hunter is a game active during Easter time.  A batch of peggs is placed randomly anywhere on the site.  Players search for the batch and may pick up one pegg from the batch.  Once the batch is empty a new batch is placed randomly anywhere on the site to restart the cycle. There is always an announcement in Small Updates when the game starts, intermissions, and ends.



Small Updates (March 27, 2011):
"This April on Powerpets won't be for fools! We will be introducing Cottontail Village. In Cottontail Village you will find a cool shop, the bunny game, Peggscapes and best of all, the Pegg Redemption Center where you will trade in your Pegg Hunter finds for cool stuff.

It's all starting on April 1st - Don't miss it."

Pegg Hunter page:
"Find as many peggs as you can around the cities of Powerpets.
Peggs can be hidden anywhere and can pop up any time."

How to go to Pegg HunterEdit

  • Log into Powerpets, if you are not logged in.
  • Go to Cottontail Village

How to collect a peggEdit

  1. Locate the current batch.  You may find this area by stumbling upon it or by reading a post on the Beginners Forum.  When you are in the correct area an image of the pegg will appear on the screen.
  1. Place your mouse cursor over the pegg and then click it.  If you collect the pegg before the batch is empty, the image of the pegg will become larger and your pegg count will increase.
  1. If you try to collect the pegg after the batch is empty, the pegg's image will change into a notification that you were too slow.



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