The Kimberroo Pet Shelter is located in Kimberroo, Australia, and is set up to care for the Powerpets whose owners no longer want them. Players can go to the pound and adopt a new pet from there to take home and care for, but as of late, there have been no pets seen in the Kimberroo pound.

Description on siteEdit

Pets are abandoned every day by owners who no longer want them. The city pounds do not have the space to house and feed them, so they end up in the shelter. Powerpets has its very own shelter located in Kimberroo. Residents help care for the animals until they can find new owners, but if a suitable owner is not found within a short time, the animal is put down. No one wants to see that happen, but it's a very sad fact of life that does happen.

Please, be sure to spay or neuter your pets, since litter sizes can mean a substantial number of animals to find homes for, and very often, some wind up in Shelters across the world. If you have the love and the resources to help out your local Shelter, either by donating time or resources, or by taking home an ownerless pet, your reward will be immeasurable.

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