Rex was one of the last pups born to Phoebia and Jaffrey, shortly before the start of the Age of Darkness. This was a time when strength and size were considered the ideal of existence, and when Rex was born a runt, his parents were greatly disappointed.

During his puphood years, he was often picked on by the neighborhood bullies because of his size. Even his family felt him to be somewhat of a burden and an embarrassment to them. He came to despise any who were larger or stronger than he, yet he also showed a disdain for all who were small or weak.

By the time he had reached the latter years of his puphood, strength and size had become an obsession to him. He involved himself in strength-building activities every spare moment of his time. He began to bully the smaller, younger creatures.

He soon became known as Rexus, Bulldog of Terror, and formed a gang who roamed the village as a group, committing petty thefts and terrorizing the smaller and weaker animals.

During his late adolescence, Rexus hatched a plot to take over the village's juice factory. The juice that it produced was highly nutritional, and was said to help in the building of physical strength.

The plan was carried out successfully. Rexus and his gang began hoarding all of the juice for themselves. As they grew stronger, the villagers became weaker, until they had no chance to stand against the group.

Rexus became a tyrant, ruling over the village through fear and intimidation. He took great enjoyment from humiliating those who had once been stronger than him. This soon gave way to boredom, and his obsession surged again.

In an irrational moment, Rexus attempted to alter the workings of the factory in an effort to increase production. As a result, the machinery was broken, and all efforts to repair it were unsuccessful.

Little by little, his gang members snuck away, knowing that it was only a matter of time before the villagers realized that they no longer possessed their superior strength. In the end, the villagers regained control of their town.

Records conflict as to what became of Rexus. Some indicate that he fled one night. Others seem to state that he lived out the remainder of his days in prison. Whatever became of Rexus, Bulldog of Terror, he was never heard from again.Chara

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