In order: the Ruby Stone, the Sapphire Stone, the Night Stone, the Emerald Stone, the Light Stone

The Five Stones in Powerpets are key items to the plot and the history of the Powerpets World. According to the letter from Bubba Buddha, the stones are the key to unlocking the gates of Barkchem, which Padam Snide has kept locked up for his own uses. In order to retake Barkchem and regain the slime that the pets need to enhance their skill, strength and intelligence, players need to collect the stones and use them on the gate behind Barkchem.

There are a total five stones to collect on Powerpets, namely the Night Stone, the Ruby Stone, the Sapphire Stone, the Emerald Stone and the Light Stone. These Stones appear on your user lookup under the heading "Achievements" and not in your inventory. In order to collect these stones, players need to fulfill different tasks and prove themselves worthy of keeping them. These stones can also be transferred to your players pets if a certain requirement is fulfilled or an event is triggered.

Obtaining the Five StonesEdit

Below are the ways of obtaining the Five Stones:

  • Night Stone: Successfully navigating the underwater maze in the Diving School of North New Barkston.
  • Ruby Stone: Complete all of Padam's Quests without fail in North New Barkston. There are a total of 61 quests to complete, and players can only complete one daily.
  • Sapphire Stone: Complete 300 jobs (1 job cycle) in the Job Agency at East New Barkston
  • Emerald Stone: Arguably the hardest, players have to defeat Randy the Librarian in the Battle Dome
  • Light Stone: Upon qualifying for Eliteness, purchase the stone in the Power Dome for 5 Power Temple Tokens.

Transferring the Five StonesEdit

There are several ways to transfer the five stones, each with a different character in a different location. Here they are as follows:

  • Night Stone: Drop of 5 to 9 items at once at Point Taken that are worth the magic number given in wholesale value, not average value.
  • Ruby Stone: Transferred randomly upon completion of Sharkfather's Quest.
  • Sapphire Stone: Have 1000 Care Points, then speak to the Dark Guardian with the option "Talk to the Dark Guardian".
  • Emerald Stone: Correctly answer the first 9 questions in Kyla's Final Countdown. Final Countdown Game Invitations can be obtained from the vending machine or via swaps.
  • Light Stone: Successfully win all nine levels of the game Venom. Nova will then move the stone for you.

The Elder Council in Xiang Chung-Shi can also grant you a stone or transfer a stone for you. However, this process is incredibly expensive as it requires players to provide rare or even unbuyable items, usually worth up to two million powerbucks, and can only be done once every 150 days.