What you can do with your petEdit

You can do many things with your pet.

  • Dye your pet in Xiang Chung-Shi at the Grooming Parlor by using fur tonics that can be purchased at the Upgrade center or Hardware and More.
  • Armor your pet in North New Barkston at the Armory by using Titanium, Diamond, Steel, or Leather.
  • Feed your pet by giving it food or by going to player run restaurants..
  • You can play with your pet by using toys or playing with it in the playzone (run by players).
  • Sell your pet in Tanos at the Breeders after you have earned your breeders lisence.
  • Pets are something you must have to manage industrial and commercial buildings.

In some areas you are required to own a pet in order to get to certain places.

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