World Map

Powerpets World Map

The world of Powerpets is very much based on the real world, albeit with several fictional cities and towns. Players will carry out several tasks in the game in these locations, whether they be for day-to-day shopping or to participate in events. Each city in this world map has their own special "look" or characteristics, as well as residents and pets unique to them. Altogether, there are a total of 11 cities on the map, as well as a few locations that are only open for a period of time. Each continent also has their own city or cities which form the Power Federation, where players can purchase and own their own property.

For the page on Power Federation Towns click here .

North America

  • North New Barkston
  • East New Barkston
  • Sofbonnet
  • Mini City

South America

  • Chimu


  • Badgeria


  • Tanos


  • Xiang Chung-Shi


  • Kimberroo


  • Noorvik

Pacific Ocean

  • Abyss

Seasonal Locations

  • Cottontail Village - available only in April
  • Siku Village - available only in December and January

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